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For decades now, every October a legion of pro and age-group triathletes descend into the previously sleepy Kona village of the Big Island and turn it into a festival of stress, anxiety and cortisol. Tapering competitors can easily blow their best possible race through the sheer stress of slogging through the week.
Technology can save us from ourselves. Here are five items that can make a huge difference in how you feel and perform at whatever your championship race may be.
Masimo Pulse Oximeter. Masimo puts out the highest quality pulse oximeter for the athletic crowd, and it’s another no-brainer tech that is simple and easy to use out of the box. Wake up, stick your finger in the oximeter, and get your readings: oxygen saturation, pulse, respiration rate and more. You know instantly if you are under-recovered and should just stay in bed or not. From $249.