In a 9 days time I head to Atlanta, GA for my 5th CrossFit Regionals in an attempt to qualify for the 2017 CrossFit Games. Unlike most other CrossFit events, the workouts have already been released which allows athletes a chance to run through them and test them out.

Part of the fun of testing them out is figuring out the strategy that goes with them, finding the worst parts of the workout so it doesn’t come as a surprise during the weekend.

But as every athlete knows, as much as the training in the gym is important, the recovery after is just as if not more important.  And because of that I use my Masimo MightySat to help me track my recovery through tough training sessions.

The primary stat that I read is the Pulse Oximeter, or the O2 Saturation number known as Sp02.  This measures the Oxygen Saturation level in the arterial blood, or for those of us who like quick answers, how much oxygen is in your blood.  I believe that this is the most important stat for athletes to use because it is the best indicator for fatigue or stress in the body.  It lets us know exactly what is going on versus what we think is going on in our heads.

So, how did the weekend go?   Performance wise I was very happy with it.  We had some great strategies, the workouts were a blast, and it got me even more pumped for next weekend.

Recovery wise…it went well too, and the numbers throughout the weekend showed what the body was going through.   My coach and I have been working for over a year now on what numbers work for me.  Everyone is going to have their own individual scale that works for them, so make sure you figure out what your range of numbers are.  Mine run from 100 down to 94/95 at the low end.

I started Friday with reading 100. The first two workouts were good and this is a dramatic shot of my readings from Friday…

Saturday morning started good. We did some great recovery on Friday with some ice, compression, and stretching along with some great food, and hit the gym the next day with these numbers.

After the two workouts, I finished the day at 97 on my O2 Saturation, which meant that my body was under some stress and a little tired, but could handle another day with some good recovery that night.

After the first workout of the day, this was the reading…

And then the last workout did me in. I felt it shortly after too…

I rarely read a 94, but we hit it and my body was ready for a lighter day the next day and for some serious food, stretching and compression.

On Monday, I was feeling tired and a bit sore, and my pre-workout numbers showed it with a 96….

And as it was planned, it was a lighter training day to get the body moving but to also allow it a bit of time to get the numbers back up. And they did. Tuesday’s numbers were on the climb again…

And today things are almost back to where they need to be to attack the end of the week and this coming weekend!


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