As a triathlete, Heather Jackson has at least two workouts to get in each day, sometimes three. Her tip is to use the MightySat multiple times throughout the day beginning with first thing in the morning upon awakening.

“I literally use my MightySat every single morning when I wake up. It just sits on my bedside table. This gives me an idea of where I’m at when I start the day. I can correlate the numbers I see as to how I’m feeling physically and mentally and go from there on how to train. I also use it throughout the day to check recovery between workout sessions. I’ll complete a hard-two-hour swim in the morning and then come home, eat breakfast, and lie down for a bit. Then I take a MightySat reading, take a nap and take another reading when I wake up to see if the nap has helped,” said Jackson.

She also uses it during other recovery protocol not connected to sleep. “I like to use the MightySat in different situations because it’s so interesting to me to see what’s going on inside my body. For instance, I put it on my finger right when I get out of an Epsom salts soak. I do a lot of these soaks after hard running sessions to help with calf/muscle soreness. The hot water raises the heart rate and lowers oxygen saturation, but I like to put it on after when I’m lying on my bed reading to see how long it takes for the numbers to drop back down to normal. I also like to put it on to help me relax and just kind of take my mind off of everything. With the respiration rate feature, you can really control your breathing and try to slow everything down. I like to try to see how low I can get my heart rate by letting go of all tension and stress.”