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Maximus Vohland


“I started training a couple of years ago with my father who also raced motocross achieving 3rd in the world, 3rd in the MX nationals and won multiple supercross events. He introduced me to his way of training, which utilizes a standard heart monitor. This seems to work well, but as my level of training increased, I found myself sometimes getting very tired. I came across the MightySat and this is where my next level of training was born. I now utilize five levels of monitoring, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index, pleth variability index and respiration rate. Working with the MightySat has given me a new level of insight on how well my body is working and recovering. I have found in my training that it’s not how much you train or where you train but the level of intensity that matters and higher intensity only comes with optimum recovery. The future is here and that’s why I use the MightySat.”

Masimo MightySat – Motocross Star Max Vohland