Step-by-Step Protocol for the use and application of the Masimo MightySat by Michi Weiss

  • Download the Masimo App on your smartphone. Sync your MightySat with your smartphone.
  • Put the MightySat on your non-dominant ring finger as shown. We are ready to go!

Michi Weiss

Olympian and Ironman Champion

“In addition to knowing my body, accurate innovative measuring tools quantify my true state of recovery. I trust and rely on the new MightySat fingertip pulse oximeter daily to manage my training load.”

Masimo MightySat – A Day in the Life of Michi Weiss, Professional Triathlete

  • Most effective: When first starting, I measured every day at the same time(s), situation(s), and body position(s), in order to establish my personal “baseline” data.
  • Examples: Just after waking up lying in bed, before working out, sitting in the car, after training on the couch, before sleeping in bed.
  • I then share the recorded data with my coach via Masimo App data history, or screen shot. I track it on my training diary.
  • Each measurement takes 1-2 minutes. I try to calm down for a moment before I start. The MightySat will start by itself once it’s on your finger. If you are using the Masimo app, turn it on.
  • During measurement my main goal is to lower RRp, aka how many times per minute I am breathing. I try to breathe deeply with my diaphragm (“through the belly”).
  • When I began using the MightySat, I tracked my SpO2 and PR over a few days, getting to know MY individual “baseline” numbers. Note: At higher elevations starting from about 3000ft (example: 5500ft in Boulder, CO) it is normal that SpO2 is about 3-5% lower. The higher you go, the lower it will be. You should see your best and/or highest SpO2 on sea level.
  • How to apply the data from SpO2: If my SpO2 is 3% (or more) lower than usual, I don’t consider that for me there’s enough oxygen in my system and/or my breathing is too flat. So I rest or take it easy on that day! So, if yours is the same, consider modifying your training plan to take a recovery day.
  • How to apply Pulse Rate (PR): If my PR is 10bpm (or more) higher than usual, I feel I am overly stressed, fatigued and/or dehydrated. So I try to calm down, take it easy, skip an intense workout and re-hydrate with sports drink, or something with electrolytes.
  • Relax with MightySat: If I try to lower my RRp, I automatically calm down. It is similar to meditating!
  • MightySat on the go: Thanks to its small robust case and light-weight, you can bring it anywhere. Where it should always be, is right next to you over night, so that you don’t have to get up before morning measurement.
  • Case examples (specific to Michi Weiss): Just after waking up, my SpO2 is usually between 96% and 98%, and my PR 45-52bpm. When I see 92-93% and over 55bpm, they are signs that I should take it easy on that day.